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Water heater
Samson Solar Commercial Water Heater( FPC System)

Samson Solar Commercial Water Heater Collector consisting of 9 copper tubes with copper fins encased in an aluminum box (usually powder coated) with a glass top Very high-quality, 99.9% pure electrolytic copper used with selective coating using ‘Black chrome technology MS tank with non-stick coating for hot water storage tank, ideally suited for hard water Options Available: 1000 to 1,00,000 LPD

  1. Large scale hot water usage for bathing and laundry applications in hotels, hospitals, hostels, and hi-rise apartments.
  2. For pasteurization, condensation and cleaning in Dairy Industry.
  3. For drying and related processes in the pharmaceutical industry.
  4. For solar drying through heated air.

Samson Solar Commercial Water Heaters (Pressurized Type)

In pressurized water heaters, the inlet to the Solar Tank is through a Pressure Pump. Such systems do not have an air vent (as with normal atmospheric vented systems), but have a safety valve instead, to release the pressure build-up inside the tank. The tanks used in these systems have a dished-end construction and are of a higher thickness to withstand a working pressure of 8 kg/ Typical inlet pressure from pressure pumps is around 3-5 kg/

  1. Where the overhead tank (original source of the cold water) is at a low level.
  2. Where high-pressure, hot water flow is required as in shower panels, jet showers, telephone showers etc.
  3. Where the number of hot water points required is more than normal.
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Water heater
Samson Solar Commercial Water Heaters (Heat Exchanger Type)

Samson Solar This type of solar water heating system is used when the original cold water (from the source) contains dissolved minerals and is therefore hard water. A Thermal fluid is filled through a make-up tank in to the outer tank. In turn, this fluid gets circulated through the solar collector fins and tubes and goes back into the top of the outer tank. This fluid acts as a medium for heat transfer and prevents clogging of the copper tubes due to mineral contents in the original water source.

  1. For pasteurization, condensation and cleaning in Dairy Industry.
  2. For solar drying through heated air.

Samson Solar Water Pumps

Solar Water Pumping system is a water lifting system powered by electricity generated by Solar panels. These systems typical uses for Fountain pumps, Pool pumps, Transfer pumps, Circulation pumps in ponds, Providing water for livestock, Irrigation pumps, Home pumps, horticulture farms and other similar applications. Using solar water pump is more economical where grid electricity is not available. There are two types of Solar Water Pumps, one is Submersible Solar Pump and another is Surface Solar Pump. Both pumps are available in DC and AC.

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Samson Solar Thermosiphon Water Heater

These systems heat water or an antifreeze fluid, such as glycol. The fluid rises by natural convection from collectors to the storage tank, which is placed at a higher level. No pumps are required. In thermosiphon systems, fluid movement, and therefore heat transfer, increases with temperature, so these systems are most efficient in areas with high levels of solar radiation.

  1. Thermosiphon systems are most efficient in areas with high levels of solar radiation.
  2. Thermosiphons are used for watercooling internal computer components, most commonly the processor.